Thursday, 18 August 2011

An Ordinary Life

Five years ago today, I began this blog.

It was a humble beginning. Yet another ordinary blog among the bazillions already out there, if this blog has achieved anything it has outlasted much of the herd. Indeed, for the first 4 years I managed a blog post almost every single day.

But, the blogosphere is a vast, vast universe and An Ordinary Life, while it may have lived up to it's name has not become extra-ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. A scattered handful of comments emerged (thank you, you know who you are) from a tiny crowd of anonymous readers (I know where you are, but I don't know who you are), but for the most part An Ordinary Life has the loyal following it's very ordinary contents deserves.

And you know what, anonymous reader? I've loved writing it. I still love writing it, and I'm going to carry on doing so whether you care to comment or not!

In fact, I'm going to relaunch An Ordinary Life 2.0.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

She said she said... CXXXI

I know now what I can offer you that no-one else can, complete and utter dependence... Marge, I need you more than anyone else on this entire planet could possibly ever need you. I need you to take care of me, to put up with me. But most of all I need you to love me, because I love you.

-Homer Simpson, Secrets of a Successful Marriage, The Simpsons (Season Five)

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Friday, 17 June 2011

She Said She Said... CXXX

To me, all religions are equally nonsensical and the idea that Christians, with their particular invisible friends, virgin births, immaculate conceptions and bread turning into flesh, could have the cheek to mock people like [witches] for being 'superstitious' is appalling humbug.

-Stephen Fry, In America

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Friday, 10 June 2011

She Said She Said... CXXIX

What is it with Americans and cinnamon? The smell is everywhere; they flavour chewing gum with it, they ruin wine and coffee with it, they slather it over chicken and fish... it is all most peculiar.

-Stephen Fry, In America

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Friday, 3 June 2011

She Said She Said... CXXVIII

Like many American institutions [the primaries] makes sense, is very democratic, transparent and open but comes down, fundamentally, to race, religion, media and - most of all - money.

-Stephen Fry, In America

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blog-a-Prog... X

The Top 5 2000AD Covers, between Summer 2009 & Summer 2010:

1. Prog 1664: Judges Dredd & Rico by Carlos Ezquerra:
Carlos Ezquerra is one of my very favourite Judge Dredd artists. Prog 1664 pays homage to one of the most memorable panels of 1990's Dredd, with Rico filling Johnny Alpha's boots. I mean seriously, who the hell is going to mess with those guys?

2. Prog 1656: Strontium Dog by
Neil Roberts: When Carlos Ezquerra is doing the strip, providing the cover must be very intimidating. Kudos to Neil Roberts for this classic Strontium Dog cover. He evokes Ezquerra effortlessly, and the pose is old-school 2000 AD at its best. Oh, and I love morks, they are as quintessentially Strontium Dog as skimmers and time bombs.

3. Prog 1677: ABC Warriors by Clint Langley: It should be viewed properly in it's full wrap-around glory, but this ABC Warriors cover is fantastic. Langley had been on a run recently of ABC Warrior covers, with individual warriors on each cover. This group shot of the whole gang is the climax to that run. Wrap-around covers, or widescreen art, isn't done often enough and so when you get one as good as this, it is a real treat. Top 5 Ever Wraparound Covers? Hhmm, now there's a thought. Top 5 Ever Wraparound Covers And The Memories They Evoke, in 2000 words or less. That's my sort of Saturday morning!

4. Prog 1650: Tharg by Chris Weston: Tharg covers could be considered a risky prospect from an editor's point of view, because they don't actually promise anything from a strip in the issue. But 2000AD wouldn't be the Galaxy's Greatest Comic if it were not for The Mighty Tharg, and Chris Weston does Tharg justice with this epic cover demonstrating just how much we are all in the palm of Tharg's green hand. I much prefer this vision of Tharg as an omnipotent Thrillomancer than some of the other recent depictions of him as a more aggressive figure.

5. Prog 1690: Judge Dredd by Greg Staples: Staples' depiction of Judge Dredd, sprawled across the Chief Judge's chair reminds me of Conan the King. Perhaps that is Greg Staples penchant for fantasy leaking through, but whatever the case, it works! It's a great image, not just because of it's composition and how well drawn it is - but because of the excited mumbling this image causes in any true-hearted Judge Dredd fanboy.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blog-a-Prog... IX

...I'll tell you what the lamest cover was.

D'Israeli's black and white artwork on Stickleback is really pretty cool in the strip. It is weird and off-kilter with an unsettling comedic style that suits the story very well. That said, taken out of context and splashed across an entire cover, like Prog 1669, for example - it just doesn't work so well.

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